Who am I ?

You can currently watch me perform Magic To Do by Stephen Schwartz (Pippin’, Godspell, Wicked, …) on board the Ruby Princess (Princess Cruises). I am performing my solo show there as well !



I have been a French full-time mystery performer (magician and mentalist) since 2008, as well as a magic / mentalism consultant for various shows in Paris and around the world. Nowadays I am mostly working on cruise ships all over the world, as well as for corporate events and have produced my own show three times per week for two years in a theater in Paris.

I have been performing my outstanding magic and mentalism shows worldwide : France, USA, South America, Spain, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Caribbean, etc.

TPMany thanks for performing for us tonight ! My guests really loved your show and personality  ! How did you know the word my friend Teddy [Riner] was thinking of ??! That was truly A-MA-ZING !

Tony Parker (Basketball player)