:: SHOWS ::


My wide range of shows can meet your specific needs.

All shows can be played in French or in English. I also have a completely “mute” show.

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I can propose different lectures to you (in French or in English) :

If you are a magic/mentalism club :

a lecture about magic and mind reading techniques.

If you are a company :

a lecture on how to communicate and interact with people.

 I can also provide coaching (about a show, about communication, etc.)

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As an Oracle expert, I can provide an evening of esoteric mysteries to your guests.

Palm reading, tarot reading, tea leaf reading and more !

I can do it informally walking amongst your guests,
on stage or in a specially set up place… YOU decide !

I can also teach your guests the basics of palm reading, tarot reading, etc.
And how to develop their intuition !

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You can also have a look (and subscribe) at my Youtube Channel

OSMan ! You rocked the stage ! You were amazing AND funny !”

Omar Sy (french actor)