femmerefA talented artist with multiple facets !

Femmes Références (French news)

BWMany thanks for showing up at my party !
What you’re doing is amazing !

Bernard Werber (French writer)

icinancyThat was disturbing AND entertaining
at the same time !

Ici-C-Nancy (French news)

TPMany thanks for performing for us tonight !
My guests really loved your show and personality  !
How did you know the word my friend
Teddy [Riner] was thinking of ??!

Tony Parker (Basketball player)

cervYou had us captivated, intrigued and laughing in wonder every second of your show!

The feeling someone was inside my head was both one of the most unsettling and one of the most exciting experiences I had ever lived!

Jean-Manuel Mariès (Product Manager for Leader Sports Europe)

cahierireJulien breaks the magician’s codes and
is offering us a fresh and breathtaking show !
Refreshing !

Les Cahiers du Rire (French news)

hommmascYou will never know if you had a free choice
or if you were influenced ! Thrilling !

L’Homme au Masculin (French news)

OSMan ! You rocked the stage !
You were amazing AND funny !

Omar Sy (French actor)

During the show, we could witness a Sherlock Holmes mystery,
a mentalism lecture, some spirit stuffs, with a lot of fun !
Amazing !

Ivan Sigg (French blogger)